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Post  StaceyLynch22 on Thu Feb 09, 2012 6:47 am

Hey mummy's people who have experienced Late Miscarriages got a question. The dr is worried about me (miscarried 1-1-2012) and my dr thinks I have an infection from the miscarriage and there doing an internal examination, I was wondering what they do? do they do a smear? because DR said they might do one even though i'm under 25? I went to DRs only because i've been in complete agony past few weeks and not known why Sad (thought my endometriosis returned because there were traces on babies umbilical cord) i'm just worried as to what there going to do to me. Also will they bring on a period? as my body doesn't want to have one been waiting 6 weeks now ... no rush like haha x (he also mentioned a STD but been with my partner 3 years think i'd know by now so I know it's not that Sad sorry for the looooong essay.

Thank you all xx

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